Juice Cleanse

Hello interweb friends. How are you? It has been a long time. I have been meaning to right this post about my first, and possible only juice cleanse, but just haven’t been able to sit down and write it.

Not long after Thanksgiving, I was feeling like my digestive system needed a little help getting back to normal. I decided to do a juice cleanse. I used to always say that I would never do a juice cleanse but I was always curious and I figured that a three days cleanse would do no harm as I am a young healthy adult. Now, I in no way think that doing a juice cleanse is needed to be healthy and it is certainly not right for everyone. I decided it was right for me to try it and see if was right for me and I wanted to share my experience with you.

Juice Cleanse

There are so many different options for a juice cleanse. Different lengths and different vendors. I decided to go with a three day juice cleanse from a local juice shop. Each day consisted of six, 16 oz juices. I was advised by the owner of the juice shop to make sure I stayed hydrated and a good way to do this was to fill each bottle with water once I was done with the juice. She suggested leaving a little juice at the bottom and create a flavored water. This seemed like a great idea and I did just that. I was really worried about getting hungry and was told that a small handful of almonds would be good if the hunger got the best of me. Monday – Wednesday worked best for my schedule as I didn’t have any social engagements that would tempt me into eating. I did not work out while on the cleanse but did go for my regular walks in the morning and at lunch time.

Monday – Day One:

The day started with a probiotic drink. This was a lemony drink and tasted like lemon water but didn’t have much substance and I was soon ready for the next juice.

Probiotic Drink

The next juice was an orange drink and it was delicious. This was probably one of my favorites. The orange drink was pineapple, carrot, apple, orange and turmeric.

Not too long later I was still hungry and I ate a small handful of almonds.


A couple hours later I had another juice this one was a green juice. I liked this one too. I knew I would because I had had this juice al la carte from my local juice shop before. This had kale, spinach, apple, celery, cucumber, lemon, mint, ginger.

Still hungry, I ate a small salad made up of just vegetables.

Juice Cleanse

The red juice was next and I drank it a couple of hours later. This had beets, orange, apple, carrot, ginger, lemon and ginger. Soon after I had another small handful of almonds. Not eating solid food is really hard for me. Juice and even smoothies have never kept me full. A couple hours later I had another green juice while I drove home. I ate another handful of almonds when I got home.

Juice Cleanse

Then about an hour or two later I had the strawberry almond milk. This was a creamy, tasty, dessert.

Tuesday – Day Two:

Once again I started the day with the probiotic drink and was soon ready for the orange drink.

I ate a handful of almonds a little later when I was still hungry. A couple hours later I had a green juice. And about an hour after that I had another small salad of only vegetables.  Not too long later, I was still hungry and ate a rice cake.

Juice Cleanse

 About and hour and a half later, it was time for the red drink. I was still hungry not long after the red drink and I ate a rice cake with peanut butter. Once again, I had the green juice on my ride home and some almonds when I got home. A couple hours later I drank the strawberry almond milk and still really hungry ate two handfuls of roasted chickpeas.

At this point I had been hangry most of the the day and decided that juice cleanses was not for me. I was planning on modifying day three.

Wednesday – Day Three:

I started the day by breaking the fast with a nice bowl of hot quinoa cereal with pumpkin and almond butter.

Juice Cleanse

I then drank the probiotic drink. Early morning ate some carrots, about 1/2 cup of pineapple and drank half a green juice. A little later I had a small handful of almonds and a rice cake. For lunch, I had a salad with veggies and chickpeas.


Later that afternoon, I had half the strawberry almond milk and a rice cake with peanut butter. Before I drove home, I had the other half of the green juice, carrots, and some unsweetened chocolate with peanut butter. I made sauteed veggies, tofu, and peanut butter sauce for dinner when I got home.

Veggie Tofu Stir Fry

For dessert I had the rest of the strawberry almond milk and a Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Justin's PB Cup

I froze the three juices I didn’t drink for another day. I focused on keeping my diet fruit and veggie heavy and tried to avoid added sugars and processed food.


I do not think I will every do a juice cleanse again. I was very hungry the whole time. Calorie wise, I do not think there were enough for me. I usually eat a good amount of calories for my frame because I stay fairly active. I do think that this helped me regulate my digestive system but I do not think this is the way for me to do that. In the future, I will focus on a fruit and veggie heavy diet and just lay off the sweets and heavy foods for a while if I need to. I hope you found my experience useful. I would hear about your own juice cleanse if you have ever done one.


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