A Day of Eating in Boston

Hi All! Sorry I have been absent lately. Good new is my computer is all fixed and I have been working on some behind theĀ scenes blog stuff to make some improvements. And I have been brainstorming some great new recipes. I also have a day of eating in Boston to share with you. If you are looking for causal places to eat in Boston, I have some great ideas for you.

I have been swamp at work and have let some things like the blog and self care take a back burner. I vowed this week would be the week I got back into regular workouts because they make me feel good and are an awesome stress reliever. But now I am sitting here with a nasty head cold and self care is looking like lots of fruit, veggies, tea, and rest.

This weekend I had an amazing day eating in Boston with my sister! We at at a bunch of cute places and I failed to take a picture of any of it except the pupcake I got for my dog. We also went to the Bruins game. An annual tradition for us. It was a great game and we won!

Let me tell you about our food adventures:

First we went to Kane’s Donuts. Gluten free donuts for my sister. She says they are amazing if anyone is looking for a good gluten free donut. I got a Maine Blueberry and a Turtle. The Maine Blueberry was amazing x10!! We just ate a few samples bites and saved the rest since we were going to lunch next.

Next we ate lunch at Sweetgreen’s. We both got the Warm Curry Chickpea Bowl. It was awesome. I also got a Carrot Turmeric Fresca to drink which I also loved.

Then we stopped at a cute bakery next door, Sweet. The cupcakes looked amazing but we just got the pupcake for Reina because we had donuts in the car.


After the game we explored Boston Public Market. We warmed up with some Taza hot chocolateĀ and got a few things. I got some local butter, paprika pasta and some smoked maple syrup. I made salmon with the smoked maple syrup and warm pasta salad with the pasta for dinner the next night.

Next up we went to Eataly. This is an amazing Italian market and has some restaurants you can eat at. We didn’t eat there because it was not gluten free friendly but I am sure I will make it back at some point. We did buy small peach bellini’s that we are saving for next weekend.

And after all that we ended up at the Shake Shack for dinner and go burgers and fries.

It was such a good sister day.

The next day I went skiing at Loon Mountain with my dad. It was another great day. We could have used some more snow but the weather was fabulous. And I got to try out my new ski boots. I loved them!

Loon Mountain

The next day I took the pup walking off leash for the first time without our trainer. I kept her on a 30 foot leash just in case but she didn’t need it. She did great and made some doggie friends.

What have you been up to lately? I would love to hear from you.

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