Hello! Welcome to my blog Running on Oatmeal! Let me tell you about myself. My name is Mary. I am a 20 something-year-old living in the greater Boston area. I live with my fiancé and corgi puppy. My day job is being a Software Developer/Supervisor in the healthcare industry.

I love food, especially oatmeal.  I also love to cook and bake. Mostly I try and eat healthy to fuel my running and fitness hobbies but I also find baking so much fun and believe in indulging sometimes.  On my blog, you will find original recipes for oatmeal, healthy meals and indulgent baked good. I also love to share what I am cooking from other areas of the internet and beautiful cookbooks. One theme you will see over and over is cooking and baking with whole food. I try to mostly avoid processed foods.


I love to run. I started running in 2012. Before then I could not run a full mile without stopping. I am slow and steady and enjoy the endurance distance of the half marathon. I also love cycling, hiking, yoga, and group classes like body pump and barre.